Premier Land & Title provides all your real estate closing and title insurance needs in one stop. We are more than a closing company. We aren’t just a title insurance agent. We are also attorneys actively practicing real estate, probate, oil & gas, and other areas of law that give us an advantage over other closing companies. We are a closing company that is licensed to provide title insurance through attorneys who can fix any title problems that come up preparing for a closing.


Generally, when you purchase or sell real estate, certain things have to happen. You need a contract with the other party.  You have to know the legal description of the property. You have to make sure the taxes are paid, the mortgages are released, and everything is just right so the closing goes smoothly.  We do all that for you! Once we are ready to proceed, we provide title insurance to assure you your investment is protected.

Services offered

  1. Full service real estate closing.  From drafting the contract to filing the deed and everything in between (and there can be A LOT!), we handle it.
  2. Real estate title insurance.  We are licensed title insurance producers. Working with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, we provide comfort knowing your investment is protected by one of the largest title insurance underwriters in America.
  3. Curative solutions:  We are practicing attorneys who regularly practice real estate law. We’ve seen almost every kind of problem that prevents a closing. We’ve solved those problems to get the deal done! We’re right here, in house, able to quickly and efficiently solve the problems so the deal gets done fast!
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Premier Land & Title is our effort to synchronize real estate deals into one-stop-shopping. We know the frustration of trying to find someone to draft a contract, or explain a form contract shoved across the table at you. We’ve watched buyers and sellers get frustrated when their deal gets sent to this bank and that lawyer for things you never knew you needed. We brought it all under one roof.  Premier Land & Title combined that need with their years of solving real estate problems to form an efficient, discreet closing company.


Closing a real estate sale can be a simple matter.  It can also become incredibly complicated. We’ve closed millions of dollars’ worth of deals, some easy and quick, others closed only because of our ability to navigate the obstacles. Our experience closes doors, the ones on the way out after you purchase your next piece of real estate!


PHONE: (580) 234-4338